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Messenger of Darkness by ReshiDaVanci

Written By: Zachary Sawyer

Okay your the first critique of this channel. So lets get all of the bad or wrong stuff out of the way. The shoe colors are a bit darker than they should be. The shadow doesn't extend all the down unless there is something blocking the light of that object. Also NO EYES PUPIL, in my honest opinion this piece would have looked better if it had the eye pupil. The dark green eyes would have made look even more awesome. Also the tree branch in the background doesn't look very realistic, it just looks like lines were added. For the bad thats pretty much it. Less shadow and add more detail to the background thats it. The good aspect is that all of the proportions are correct. Everything is the right size. You also have very clean line work. Its all smooth and clean work. For the tips, just make the background more realistic. Tell me your reaction at my main profile at [link]
Have a good evening.

-Zachary Sawyer
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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ReshiDaVanci Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I thank you for your honesty and while quite unique, I find it very well made.

If you notice, Dark Sonic actually doesn't has any pupils, but I wanted to play with the character and add a semi transparent iris to his eyes. I'm seeing what you mean with the shadows and to be honest I am thinking too that I make my shading too dark. I'll try to fix that for next deviations. And backgrounds, I'm so bad at them xD I'll try to concentrate better on theme, but remember that the main point of view is Sonic, if I add more detailing to the point of almost perfection, I could change the point of view for the viewer. Thanks again ^^
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